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SEO Services in Bangladesh

Local SEO

Unless your business isn't optimized for local search, you could be missing out on 80% of your possible audiences. Do you have a business website and want to rank on google first page? You are in the right place. I am here to rank your website on Google's first page. We will bring you to google right place for specific keywords. Moreover, we increase your online visibility. So, get a free price quotation and hire the best organic and local SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Advanced SEO

It’s the complete process of organic ranking. And for this, you don’t need to pay any money to Google to get ranking. Moreover, organically ranking is the best process to get targeted traffic. Because you are not forcing them to visit your site rather they are visiting you. I will rank you organically for your desired keywords. In addition, it’s my guarantee to bring your business on Google's first page. And the process will be 100% unique and white hat SEO techniques based.

Business Consultant

If you have a business website and want to maintain it either it drops ranking. Then I will be your business consultant. I will boost your website traffic and increase profit. Moreover, will give you proper instruction on improving site traffic and business. I can provide you technical and advanced SEO strategies to get better ranking. Client’s satisfaction is my main priority. We provide a unique SEO service. So feel free to hire the best organic and local SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Web Design & Development

Our team is ready to provide you any kind of website design and development. We work in a team based and focus on both design, development, and SEO optimization. Meanwhile, the rest of the website designer and developer ignore SEO friendly issues. Any kind of e-commerce, WordPress, or custom HTML or PHP based website are developed here. So, if you take service from us you'll get all types of services. That's mean a package based services from us. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a trend now. But does everyone know how to do digital marketing organically? What’s the best way to do digital marketing? Our team will serve your digital marketing in a proper way. No spamming marketing. Moreover, we are providing digital marketing along with SEO optimization. In this way you will get targeted audiences. And also you can increase your brand identity in home and abroad. Moreover, we will provide ad campaign for social media.

Content Writing

To me, content is the king of all strategies of SEO. If your content get quality score then your ranking is just a time being. Good skillful content will attract more and keep your audience a long time on your website. Our team is always ready to give you the best quality content. Therefore, our main focus is to provide grammatically correct 100% unique content. No auto-generated content. Or a copy and modified from others. Guaranteed of unique content. So take a look at our content writer.

About SEO Agency Bangladesh

Welcome to SEO agency Bangladesh. It’s a pleasure for us as you are visiting our website. It was our dream to run such a website where we can provide SEO services. We are a professional organic and local SEO service provider company in Dhaka Bangladesh. Currently we have different project on Fiverr and Upwork. Moreover, leading local Business in Bangladesh, the USA, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries. We are also providing ecommerce service as a virtual assistant. We have a big team to operate the task. All the members are highly qualified for managing FBA, WFS and drop shipping.

Most importantly, it’s our pleasure to provide SEO services to rank websites in an organic way. We believe if a website rank organically then it will be easier to get traffic from the other side like social media. Moreover, we are affordable in doing SEO consultancy service to the business.

Our special services are organic SEO service, advanced SEO, local SEO, digital marketing, and SEO training for maintaining a website. In addition that, our team is ready to provide you web design and development, logo design, and WordPress customization.

But we are fond of representing ourselves as a local SEO specialist agency and digital marketing service provider in Bangladesh. Since 2018 we are providing services in this field. And as an SEO service provider company in in Bangladesh, we can serve, you in different ways. We may consult your business or we can handle your website complete SEO optimization. Do you have any website to increase traffic or promote ranking? We are here to give you world-class SEO services.

Do you want to know more about our SEO company? Read more.

Organic Ranking
E-commerce SEO
Local SEO
Social media marketing

Why I need SEO for my website?

In the present world, SEO is a trend. All most every type of organization in Bangladesh are wanting online platforms business. After the pandemic of coronavirus online business has become more popular. As a result, there is a close competition among the business owners. Therefore, everybody wants to the top position. This is main the reason for doing SEO. Moreover, there are some other reasons behind doing SEO. Let’s see some of the reasons.

The first one is, you want your website presence on Google for certain keywords. You may have a physical shop or service center. Now you want to sell products or give service alongside with physical center. In these facts you need to think your audiences and to target them you need SEO service.

Brand Identity

If you want to import your brand identity and promote your brand worldwide then there is no alternative to SEO. Therefore, to spread your brand home and abroad, you need to do digital marketing and SEO.

Most of the cases it seems that the web design & developer don’t focus on SEO. Moreover, to make a website attractive and beautiful they often ignore the terms of SEO. As they are not experts in this field. So in this case we focus on SEO alongside design and development.

SEO is not a one-time thing. In addition, business style and criteria are changing you need to update your SEO too. Moreover, the search engine changes its rules and regulation. When they change their rules your website rank may fall. Certainly, in this fact, you can consult an SEO expert in Bangladesh on a monthly basis. Most importantly, this service will help to connect your business website traffic and your ranking will stable. If you need SEO service contact me.

Why SEO Will Never Die?

SEO is a continuous process of work. Its strategy is changing daily. With more than 500 updates in a year. As we are going fast by using technology its demand is also increasing. Because of the development of the internet and technology global business is ever increasing. Meanwhile, we are like a global village. Every day thousands of websites are created. Therefore, there is slightly a competition between them.

According to google its main priority is user satisfaction. It wants it’s users to get good, informative, trusted service from the website. So it always tries to update its algorithm. Moreover, to give quality service among the traffic it checks website performance and gives rank. This is the main reason for never-dying SEO. Because you have to keep in mind about Google algorithm and penalty issues. Some of the other reason are:

SEO Makes Money

You know SEO makes money for search engines, business owners and developers. Firstly, many organizations do their business by advertisement on google. In addition, it makes money for search engines. Moreover, when the advertisement company finds customers they may also benefit.  In addition, SEO experts can benefit themselves by providing SEO services.

SEO Blessing

From creating a website to visible on search engine it assistance many of us. Let me give an example. Suppose, you want to create an online store. You will buy a domain and hosting. Then you will build it or hire a web designer to design your website. Moreover, you will need a graphic designer to create a logo and other graphic related terms. In addition, after completing the website designing you need an SEO expert to do SEO and to rank your site. In conclusion of all, you may do digital marketing for your website to find more visitors.

Why I need to Hire an Organic And Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh

It’s a common question why I need an SEO specialist? Well, you will need an SEO expert when you want to show your business through the website. And in this way your business will be online. If you are not clear in this fact let me give an example:

Suppose Mr. X has a clothing store, he has a website and he wants to sell dresses online. Now he is not familiar with SEO. Moreover, he doesn’t know how to increase traffic and rank websites on google. In this case, he needs an SEO expert. Because an expert knows everything which needs for ranking a website. In addition, a website branding also be possible if there is proper implementation of SEO strategies. So if a business holder wants to promote his branding he may consult an SEO expert.

In another case, you may need an expert. If you notice that your visitors are decreasing day by day. In this fact, you need an SEO expert to find out what’s wrong with your service or on your website. Moreover, you can hire a business consultant to maintain your business website for a monthly basis.

Google algorithmic penalty and losing ranking. Sometimes we notice our webpages are not on the top list. But it was available on the top position a day before. We don’t find any way why they disappear from the top list. There are some possible reasons. Firstly, the webpage may have a duplicate issue of the content. Secondly, google algorithmic update and penalty issues. Further, using the black hat technique. So to avoid all we need to do SEO organically and if possible consult an SEO expert.

To run a new website, analyze it, checking its performance, increase online presence, and rank on google for specific keywords you need an expert. But always remember, too hurry is not good all times. If you want to rank website overnight it will harm your site. An expert knows everything for ranking sites. That’s why we use the best possible ways for the client. And we always prefer white hat SEO techniques for that. Though it’s a lengthy process, it’s free from all risks. Read more. 

Why Are We Perfect For Your Job?

If you feel you need an SEO expert for your website then you also need to think about your cost. There are many SEO service holder in Bangladesh. But keep in mind if you don’t get quality service then it will cost you both money and time. Moreover, you may notice some cheap advertisements to rank a website at a low cost. They don’t give you quality service rather they apply black hat techniques. It will hamper your business in the long run. But we guarantee you to give 100% white hat SEO techniques for ranking your website at a minimal price.

Most importantly, my service will save your precious time. You may get back your lost money but won’t get back your time. A business owner knows the value of time. As a result, an SEO specialist will definitely save his valuable time in ranking. Because he knows how effectively a website is ranking. Moreover, he knows the tricks and procedures of ranking a website. He will manipulate it with a short time. So to save your time and growth your business worldwide hires a SEO company.

As an organic and local SEO service provider agency in Dhaka Bangladesh we are working in this field for more than four years. In addition, as a marketing and SEO company, we are working on Fiverr, Upwork a direct client, and so many projects. Our specialties are on keyword research and competitor analysis, content writing, local SEO, e-commerce SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media. We think practice makes a man perfect. As a result we always keep our employee busy with their services. In short, self-experience and confidence make the business efficient.

We won’t do anything like “throwing stones into the dark”. We will consult everything before starting the project. Most importantly we are skillful in this field . And we will give you quality service. Our service will be pure white hat SEO techniques. Moreover, our main vision is to give the organic ranking. We think if you get an organic ranking then other rankings will follow your step. Moreover, organically ranking is the best you to brand business. Our company will focus on your business result. Take a quotation for our service.

It is a big issue in Bangladesh as many fake and unprofessional persons are exit in our society. There are many spammers around us. We don’t tell you to hire us at a glance. Therefore, take time find who we are? And then call us to take service. Meanwhile, you can directly visit our office. Moreover, we work on the basis of an agreement.

While an SEO service may seem expensive in the short term, it can provide long-term benefits for your website. A cost-effective SEO service will provide you with sustainable results that will continue to benefit your business in the long run.

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